Our Studio


Core Strength Wichita is a green studio. We are constantly improving our efforts to conduct business in environmentally friendly ways.
Our cleaning supplies are green. Rather than using harsh chemicals, we seek out natural oils and essences that give the studio an efficient clean as well as a soothing scent. We use cloth hand towels to wipe down all equipment as opposed to paper or disposable towels.
We try to light the studio with natural sunlight whenever possible. In addition, we use energy-efficient bulbs. Our studio mats contain no PVC or chloride, and are latex-free, for those with allergies. Our rollers are made of long-lasting foam, which reduce waste in our landfills while utilizing eco-conscious yoga accessories.  In an effort to make the studio paperless, our client information forms are through are online software.
We are committed to following sustainable business practices. At Core Strength Wichita, we would like to leave this planet in better shape than when we found it. By continuing to implement green alternatives, we hope to inspire our clients and partners to do the same. We believe in contributing to creating a healthier, happier, greener planet and will make every effort to do so.

Core Strength Wichita Studio difference:

• Our specialized Pilates equipment is manufactured in Sacramento, California  by Balanced Body, the foremost innovator of Pilates apparatus in the US. We offer equipment training on reformer/half trapeze combo units, Wunda chairs, spine correctors, Cadillac, and ladder barrel. Small apparatus including the OOV, hand weights, foam rollers, stability balls, rings, BOSU, and therabands are also incorporated to personalize and enhance your workouts. 
• We provide an airy and spacious studio environment filled with natural light and lots of plants to help cleanse the air. 
• Our certified instructors will lead you through a sequence of exercises that will enable you to develop long, lean muscles, better posture, greater flexibility, and improved balance and stamina.
• Pilates is great for people of all ages and fitness levels. It is particularly helpful for individuals recovering from injury or for those who suffer from chronic low back pain. They find that Pilates is a valuable tool to decrease pain, gain core strength, and experience overall well-being once again.
• At Core Strength Wichita we are committed to continuing education and training. We constantly update our skills, knowledge, and abilities to better teach you


Toesox Grippy Sox Policy

Core Strength Wichita has a studio policy of wearing grippy socks while working out. We offer a fabulous selection of Toesox grippy socks to chose from whether you have size 5 or size 14 or  male or female. 

We require grippy socks for our client's workout safety and for the cleanliness of the studio.