Pilates Teacher Training with Mei Wong!

Mat I: March 29-31, 2019 & Mat II April 26-28, 2018. Click here for more details!

New Class Alert!

Sculpt Pilates -  Tuesday and Thursday @ 9:00 am . Get a strong, lean, and sculpted physique through killer combination of Pilates principles and exercises that are both an effective and efficient workout. Intense on your muscles with minimum impact on your joints resulting in increased endurance and strength for your body. Single classes are $35 but you can save $50 and purchase a package of 10 classes for $300.  

Core Express -  Tuesday and Thursday @ 12:00pm . Lunch break- take 45 minutes for a core break! This class will get you working from head to toe while lengthening your body and giving you a mental break from your day. Single classes are $22 but you can save $40 and purchase a package of 10 classes for $180.  

Silver Sneakers Strength & Balance - Here at Core Strength Wichita, we are passionate about providing our community with healthy movement. We've added a new Strength and Balance to give our community another opportunity for movement in their day.  Everyone is welcome, the is class designed for all levels. SilverSneakers member can take this class for FREE!

Classes are Tuesday's and Thursday's at 2:30pm.

Non-SilverSneakers members: Individual classes are $10 each. Purchase a package of 5 classes for $50.00 

Want to check to see if you're eligible to take this class for free? Group retirees and those who are part of Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement health plans may already have SilverSneakers memberships. To find out if your health plan participates, check this out:

Here is the link to learn more about how to get your Silver Sneakers card. You must be 65 years or older.

At Core Strength Wichita, our certified Pilates instructors can help you find new freedom of movement, flexibility, and strength. 

Our state of the art equipment, facility, and instructors can help you:

•  Reduce stress
•  Alleviate back pain
•  Strengthen your body
•  Increase flexibility
•  Prevent injuries
•  Improve posture
•  Improve breathing
•  Improve concentration
•  Increase body awareness
•  Tone your pelvic floor
•  Tone your abdominal muscles

Contact one of our certified instructors
and discover your Core Strength today.

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