GYROTONIC® Exercise for Golf

GYROTONIC®Application for golf was designed by GYROTONIC® founder, Juliu Horvath and PGA TOUR Instructor, Dave Rasmussen.

Unlike conventional strength training, GYROTONIC® training gives golfers the best combination possible of both strength and flexibility. The methodology involves controlled exercises that will also improve hand-eye coordination, balance, concentration and development of muscle tone--all necessary to maximize one's performance on the golf course. Many of the exercises directly mimic what a golfer must do with their arms, wrists, hand, torso and hips during the swing. The system will help you increase and strengthen your hip and shoulder turn, improve your cardiovascular fitness and create flexibility throughout the entire body.

With GYROTONIC® training, golfers will be able to play more consistently and play without fear of injury. Golfers of all ages and fitness levels have improved faster and ultimately enjoy the game more!

With GYROTONIC® Golf training, you will:

  •  Learn to swing the club faster
  • Increase drive distance
  • Improve your ball-striking ability
  •  Learn to control trajectory
  • Create better contact and directional control of the ball
  • Play injury free
  • Increase and strengthen your hip shoulder turn
  • Improve the rotation of your arms
  • Learn proper lower body movement, with correct foot and ankle movement
  • Get the proper weight shift
  • Loosen and strengthen your lower back with rocking motions
  • Enjoy the game more




"Good golf begins and ends with a good swing and a good swing is a physical act, first and foremost. If you can't make the physical movements that a good golf swing requires, you will never succeed."
-Dave Rasmussen